Criminal Forensic Consulting Principals
Curricula Vita
Updated: January 1, 2018

Curriculum Vita of
Criminal Forensics Consulting
Principal, R. M. “Dick” Roth

R. M. “Dick” Roth


R. M. “Dick” Roth has been accepted as an expert witness in a variety of courts, including County Courts, State District Courts and U.S. District Courts. Having been court certified in forensic evidence, imaging, document examination, and shoe/tire/fingerprint identification and comparison.  Mr. Roth has gained acceptance as an expert in over twenty Texas Counties.  He has provided professional services in both civil and criminal cases in Alabama, California, Colorado,  District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia.

Since 1983, Mr. Roth has given opinions, depositions, and/or testified in more than five hundred court cases.  He is highly experienced in forensic image evidence and authentication, handwriting comparison, typewriter/printer identification, time dating of documents, and paper/ink identification and analysis.   Mr. Roth and Criminal Forensics Consulting maintain updated professional libraries as well as multiple laboratory facilities for use in the evaluation of altered/questioned documents, imaging, print comparison, physical evidence, and sound recordings.


Southern Methodist University
Texas A&M University
Cedar Valley, Kilgore, Northlake, and Richland Colleges

Major: Science (Biology) / Engineering
Minor: English and Criminal Justice Sciences

Additional Academic, Science, Engineering credits
a.Over 5000 accredited training hours certified through ATF, DEA, FBI, Secret Service,
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), Treasury Department/s
b.Over 4000 documented hours of  in-service, mentor, and apprenticeship training with
the foremost forensic evidence professionals in the country
c.Over 3000 classroom hours as a law enforcement instructor, Adjunct Professor,
and/or guest lecturer at institutions in the U. S. and abroad

Professional Associations

1.Licensed Professional Engineer, (Radio/Television), FCC Lic. PG-10-7495
2.Audio Engineering Society, voting member
3.National Press Photographer Association, voting life member, mentor
4.Texas Justices of the Peace and Constables Association, Life Member
5.Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, (35 Year voting member)

Past Affiliations:
1.Forgery investigation Association of Texas
2.National Questioned Document Association
3.National Bureau of Document Examiners
4.American Board of Forensic Examiners
5.Texas Association of Forensic Investigators, Past President, Life Member
6.Texas Narcotics Officers Association, voting member
7.The Institute of Graphological Science

Professional library access includes, but is not limited to the following:

•  Alhaidawi, Moh'd Ali Said, Criminalistic Survey of Arabian Handwriting.
•  American Paper Institute, Dictionary of Paper, The. 
•  Brunelle, Richard L., Forensic Examination of Ink and Paper.
•  Bryden, Dr. Mary Lynn, Basics for the Questioned Document Examiner.
•  Bender, Dr. Roman, tech ed., Corrosion Handbook.
•  Bender, Dr. Roman, ed., B3 Carbon and graphite.
•  Grahn, Hans, Techniques and Applications of Hyperspectral Image Analysis,
•  Hilton, Ordway Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents.
•  Huber, Ray, and A. M. Headrick, Handwriting Identification.
•  Locktongban, Nato, Approach to Determine the Relative Age of Ink, An; A Nondestructive
  Method Using Hyperspectral Imaging.
•  Osborn, Albert S., Questioned Documents.
•  Osborn, Albert S., Problem of Proof, The.
•  Petrosky, Henry, Pencil, The, A History of Design and Circumstance.
•  Pickup, I.M., B. McEnaney, and R.G. Cooke, Fracture processes in graphite and the effects of
•  Prentice, Shirley, Forensic Document Examination Protocol and Procedures.
•  Smith, Edward J., Principles of Forensic Handwriting Identification and Testimony.
•  Walker, Ray, Questioned Document Examiner and the Justice System The.

Professional laboratory access includes but is not limited to the following equipment:

• Florescent light tables and Boxes manufactured by Idealight, Logan Electric Spec., Mfg. Co.
• An Electro-static photo/document image developer/duplicator, Fuji Industries Ltd.
• Copy machines (4 machine types)
• Photo, Stereo Leica, Bausch & Lomb, and American Optical Microscopes (4)
• A quantum source double, variable intensity, halogen light with 2-20watt bulbs.
• Hand-built custom computer systems housing approximately 14 TBs of information.
▪ Custom engineered (non-destructive) Micro Spectrophotometry system (MSP)
• Adobe, Macbeth, Monaco, and other color calibration systems
▪ Fully calibrated aural and visual monitor systems
▪ HP MFP M476nw color laserjet printers (2).
▪ HP 2600n color laser printers (2).
▪ Mitsubishi 8000 photo printers (3)
• Kodak 8650 photo printers
• Various alternate lighting sources to produce light frequencies from UV to IR, (380-750nm)
• Crown Photographic equipment 4”x 5 plate/film formats”
• Nikon SLR Photographic equipment 35mm & digital (3)
• Fuji SLR Infra-red photographic equipment (1)
• Canon Photographic equipment digital (2)
▪ Astra, Epson, Hewlet-Packard high resolution scanners (5)
▪ Epson ultra high resolution drum and bed scanners (2)
▪ HP high resolution bed scanners (2)
• Various plastic see-through grid charts used in determining size, shape, spacing and proportion,
  height and slant of handwriting/typeface examples
• Hand-held lighted magnifying glass 8X
• Lighted 30X magnifying glass
• Engineering compass
• Protractor/s used in determining the slant specifics of handwriting and/or image distortion

Court Testimony

R. M. “Dick” Roth has reviewed over 10,000 evidentiary elements, items, documents, signatures, and/or images.  He has testified more than 500 times in courts, hearings, and depositions in over 20 Texas Counties, twelve states, and has been accepted in four foreign countries.  Mr. Roth has also been accepted through the Federal Court level.

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