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Robert M. "Bob" Allwardt
Master Peace Officer, AIAS Advanced Crime Scene Technician/Analyst, Senior Instructor

When Bob Allwardt retired from the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, he was their senior crime scene analyst and trainer.
He has an extensive medical background and was the senior Detective in the physical evidence section of the sheriff's Criminal Investigation Division.
Mr. Allwardt specializes in the location, collection, and analysis of physical evidence, crime scene reconstruction, and the identification of suspects.
Bob is nationally recognized as an expert latent fingerprint examiner, photographer, and crime scene analyst.He has numerous high profile, and major cases to his credit.He has consultant in cases for the ATF, DEA, and FBI.
Robert M. "Bob" Allwardt, is now semi- retired and is a principal associate and consultant for Criminal Forensic Consulting.
Richard M. "Dick" Roth
Master Peace Officer, Professional Engineer, Advanced Instructor, Forensic Document Examiner, Identification Specialist, Digital Imaging and Enhancement Pioneer

In over thirty years of dedication to the Law Enforcement Profession, Dick Roth has acquired a highly diverse range of experience and expertise.
With an extensive medical background and a twenty five year engineering career, He has amassed a long list of credentials in several areas of the Law Enforcement Profession.

Updated: January 1, 2018
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Mr. Roth is an advanced law enforcement instructor, having designed, implemented, and nationally published numerous law enforcement training curricula.He is also an internationally recognized forensic document examiner, crime scene analyst, forensic accident reconstructionist, and an expert photographer.Dick Roth has been nationally recognized and published for his extensive knowledge of digital imaging and enhancement.
He was credited by the Digital Imaging industry as a pioneer when in the late 1980's, he applied his extensive photographic background to using digital cameras and computer technology to record crime scenes and enhance latent fingerprint evidence using laser and alternate light sources.
In 1991, he was one of the first law enforcement officers in the nation, to have digital crime scene photos accepted as evidence in court.Mr. Roth has over fifty years experience as a commercial, media, and forensic photographer, with over three decades in the digital imaging field.He has instructed for numerous colleges and universities, as well as consulted for the ATF, FBI, and The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C..
Richard M. "Dick" Roth, is now semi-retired and is a principal associate and consultant for Criminal Forensic Consulting.

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