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Criminal Forensic Consulting is a consortium of forensic professionals whose areas of expertise range from evidence analysis, authentications, forensic document examination, forensic image enhancement, and identification, all the way to the forensic reconstruction of crime scenes and vehicle accidents.
Criminal Forensic Consulting is oriented primarily to help the Law Enforcement, Legal, and Insurance communities, as well as private individuals, to swiftly identify the facts and options of their cases.This is accomplished through scientific processing, or reprocessing of physical evidence, whether obvious or latent (hidden), by acknowledged, highly skilled forensic professionals.
Criminal Forensic Consulting offers not only a full range of consulting services for your cases, but has expert training for your personnel, to bring them 'up to speed' with state of the art instruction.All this in small steps, at competitive prices that won't send your training budget through the roof.See Our TRAINING and PROFILE Page Links at the LEFT, or at the BOTTOM of the page.
Please browse our web site to learn more about us, view our brief profiles, and remember Criminal Forensic Consulting for your professional forensic needs at 972-880-3931.We can help you win your cases.You will find our e-mail address at the bottom of each of our web pages.

Robert M. Allwardt, MPO, AIAS, Identification Specialist, Crime Scene Investigator and Analyst, Fingerprint Ridgeology Analyst/Instructor

Richard M. Roth, MPO, PE, Advanced Iinstructor, Forensic Document Examiner, Handwriting Analyst, Forensic Imaging and Identification Specialist, Crime Scene Investigator/Analyst

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Updated: January 1, 2018
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